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Laser Fungal Nail Services

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Say Goodbye to Fungal Nails with BB's Clinic Laser Treatment

At BB's Clinic, we understand the impact that fungal nail infections can have on both your nails' appearance and your overall confidence. Our advanced fungal nail treatment, utilising cutting-edge laser technology, is a swift and virtually painless procedure designed to eliminate fungal infections in both toenails and fingernails. Let's delve into the details of our comprehensive fungal nail services to guide you towards healthier, more beautiful nails.

Understanding Fungal Nails

Fungal nail infections, or onychomycosis, can affect both toenails and fingernails, causing symptoms such as discoloration, thickening, and brittleness. This common condition is often a result of fungi, such as dermatophytes, making their way into the nails. The impact can extend beyond aesthetics, causing discomfort and affecting one's overall well-being.

Symptoms of Fungal Nail Infections



Nails may turn yellow, brown, or even white.



Affected nails often become thicker and more challenging to trim.



Nails can become brittle and prone to breaking.

Distorted Shape


Fungal infections may alter the shape of the nails.

Pain or Discomfort


In some cases, fungal nails may cause pain or discomfort.

How BB's Clinic Can Help


Our laser treatment for fungal nails is a game-changer, offering a non-invasive and highly effective solution to this persistent problem. Here's how BB's Clinic can guide you towards those perfect summer nails.

Healthier Nails

Laser Precision


Our advanced laser technology targets and destroys fungal infections with precision, providing a thorough and lasting solution.

Safe and Painless


The procedure is safe for all skin types, and the vast majority of our clients experience minimal discomfort, if any.

No Downtime


Unlike some other treatments, our laser procedure requires no downtime or recovery period. You can resume your daily activities immediately.

Faster Results


Laser treatment is a superior alternative to topical or oral medications, delivering faster and more noticeable results without the risk of side effects.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

Added Confidence


Say goodbye to the embarrassment of unsightly nails and hello to the confidence that comes with healthy, beautiful nails.

Improved Health


Fungal infections can lead to more severe complications if left untreated. Our laser treatment not only addresses the aesthetic concerns but promotes overall nail health.



Laser treatment is a quicker and more efficient option compared to traditional topical or oral medications.

No Side Effects


With laser treatment, you can sidestep the potential side effects associated with some medications.

BB's Clinic Can Help Treat your Fungal Nails

At BB's Clinic, we believe that healthy, beautiful nails should be within everyone's reach. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and

take the first step towards a confident, fungus-free future. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing personalised care, ensuring you receive the best possible results for your unique needs. Trust BB's Clinic to restore the health and beauty of your nails with our state-of-the-art laser fungal nail treatment. Our clinic is located just off of the high-street in Stratford-upon-Avon. We welcome visitors from anywhere in the West Midlands, Birmingham and surrounding areas. Call today on 07511 045854.

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